Saturday, December 3, 2011

Some baby stuff

So I had a baby in August, but well before that my mother started crafting things for the baby.  Here's a ball my Mom made.  It's crochet and has a jingle bell inside.  It's about the size of a soccer ball.

And of course, Grammy's afghan.  Grammy is my mom too.  These are pretty complicated granny squares and the colors are GORGE.

Here are some pics from my baby shower this summer.

My mother in law made these little lemon bluebell cakes for the shower.  They are from Martha Stewart and they were DELISH.

Here's the baby garden cake.  So cute!  And yummy.

Mom crocheted flower pins as favors for everyone.  I kept one for Romy.  In fact, I think I kept the red one in the center of this photo.

My sister Brooke, my sister-in-law Jo, and me.

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