Thursday, July 28, 2011

My sweet kitty, Mona

I said goodbye to my beloved friend, Mona this May. She was 17 and had a very full life complete with ups and downs and trials and tribulations. I got her when I was 20 and moved into a group house with friends when I was in college. She was around 2 years old then and I rescued her from the shelter just in the nick of time. She had been there for over a month and had had a cold and was going to be put down. Our time together was tumultuous. She had a lot of ailments over the years, but we always pushed through. Our relationship grew stronger and tighter than I have ever experienced with a pet. We had to work together through the struggles of the wound to her leg in particular and finally the amputation of the leg. We learned a trust and love together that I will never forget and changed me completely as a person. It was so very personal, the love we shared. And I know that everyone could see it. I miss her so much, but the idea that she's fat and 4 legged in heaven is helpful. Losing her was a great loss in my life, but having her was the greatest gift.

I love you always my friend, Sweet Mona.

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