Saturday, December 3, 2011

A few things from this past year...

Mom gave me a full set of houses and trees.  Oh my gosh I can't wait to get them out and put them up!

I made these gnomes and kitties and owls from sculpy.  I saw them at and went nuts and had to try to make some.  Go look at hers, they are unreal!

Um, I'm sorry, how could I NOT buy these?  They are Dansko, they are embroidered, and they are too tight on the top of my high arched feet.  Dad got me some leather stretcher to resolve the situation.  Once they are stretched, I'm living in these babys.

My Blythe dolls, Casey and Rumer started getting spoiled with their own apartment on the shelves in my craftroom.  The apartment has transitioned a lot since this first one, and they have acquired more stuff to accommodate.

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