Thursday, May 6, 2010

2010! In the immortal words of Bret Michaels "Whatsa Goin' On?"

Oh boy, I sure have dropped the ball. It's totally whack how life goes through these spurts and flashes by. At least I can say that I have been busy... with all kinds of things. Not a lot of crafting unfortunately, but that is as it always is. By the second half of winter I start to get accustomed to the winter insanity, and then when there is a hint of spring, I'm like a rabbit ready to wake up from slumber and jump around all over the place. Then the plants start to grow and need attention, and that's where my remaining energy tends to wind up. You know, the remaining energy I have left after working full time, working out, interacting with my loved one, dinner, and various hobbies or socializing. Once it starts to heat up, it's not very pleasant to go out there and toil and toil in the garden, and that's when I get back to crafting again. Perhaps this year, I need a big brimmed hat. Sexy!

So this morning, I woke up to a totally gorgeous day, a breeze blowing in the window and the oscillating fan adding to the mix. All the animals were sleeping and making their little paws squeeze and release with happiness. I was able to get up and get ready and leave for work without disturbing Bryan which was nice since he's been working so hard. As I went to get in my car, I found my irises starting to bloom and took some pics. So I've decided to just post some pics from my iPhone to give a small run-through of this year. It's not everything, just a few pics I happen to have here at work. So in no particular order:

The irises blooming

I turned 34!

Spring really showed up after all that snow.

Scout helped me garden

Erin, my oldest friend, moved back to DC.

Jack got a booboo.

but it didn't stop him from maneuvering the peanut butter jar.

Scout loved Jack up.

Baby Jonathan was born to my friends Lauren and Jonathan!

haha I love this pic of Bryan. So silly.

So obviously, the blog is under construction yet again. I have some ideas that I just need to find time to implement. Not to mention, some unreal gifts from my mother for my birthday that need to be posted too.