Thursday, January 7, 2010

Glitter Glitter everywhere...

Well, Christmas is over and the house is all clean now. So I can finally share some of the things I made this year. But check out this photo of Jack in front of the tree. The things he does for me, I swear. What a great dog.

Ok ok, so onto the glitter I have promised with my title.

I had a lot of fun this Christmas with my glitter variety pack I love to mention. Martha had a glitter painting project featured this season that I decided to try. I started with Dad and Kathy's dog Grover and honestly, I thought it might turn out lame. But holy smokes... it was awesome! Check it out:

When the light hits it just right, it's really groovy.. or GROVIE if you will. Heehee.

I bought wall boxes, just unfinished open back wooden boxes from ACMoore for the base. Then used Martha's glitter-painting tool to print my photos and glued them to the box front. Then I filled in each colored area with glue, one color at a time and in small areas to be sure the glue didn't dry. Then just cover with glitter as you go, tap it off onto a scrap paper and put the extra that falls off back in the bottle! It looks like it took forever, but it wasn't horrible and was really fun.

So naturally I had to do one of their other dog, Ivy too.

Then I showed off to Mom, and she went nuts. So I got my hands on a picture of her dogs, Kate and Chili and did one of them.

So the pet kick started to get really fun as you can imagine, so I made these ornaments for my coworker Sandra of her dogs, Sugar and Jackson.

I just cut them out freehand, and cut the circles with my pinking shears. Tacky glue and some paint for the eyes, add a hook and voila! I made a set of 3 for my friend Kara and mailed them before taking a photo, CURSES! Hopefully she'll see this and send me a photo of them for me to post. (hint hint Kara).

I have to share this gift I got from my sister. She got it at Otakon, an anime and gaming convention she loves to go to every year. It's only about 2 inches tall and hand crafted by one of the artisans who sells things there. I have to find out who and make sure to credit them with this incredible creation. The character is the prince from Katamari who's job is to roll up anything that will stick to his ball which grows exponentially during the timed game. The ball is called the katamari and you can see it's inside the jar. Amazing!

Mom's shelves. I'm always so jealous.

I have dreamt of a white Christmas for what seems like my whole life, but this year I really got my wish! Several days before Christmas we were hit with over 18 inches of snow, breaking a record in the DC area. Jack had a field day, and the town was so quiet.

One of my favorite things to do during snow is worry about the birds. They are so fat and cute and trusting. Which is why I have to police my three cats like crazy too because I invite these guys up close to the house with birdseed and breadcrumbs.

This is one of my favorite visitors, and not just because he is called a "Titmouse".

Look how cute this guy is, during the fiercely falling snow, he found a little canopy of snow in the branches of the azaleas to keep his head dry.

It was a nice relaxed Christmas holiday after a crazy year. We are trying to get settled into the new year, but it's cold as heck! At least we have our new fireplace, the full set of Sopranos on DVD, some great recipes and our cats and dog to keep us warm.

Happy New Year!