Thursday, December 17, 2009

Pre-Christmas Christmasing

Well, make no mistake, I've been busy... not as busy as last year, but busy nonetheless. However, of course I can't show you with what! So that'll have to wait another couple weeks. In the meantime I've got some goodies to show.

Each year my friends Tracy and Evan have their Kwanzmusannukah non-denominational holiday celebration. This year, after having just moved into a new house and with Tracy going back and forth from Maryland to Broadway, the party was had in Baltimore on Christmas Street.

We went to dinner at Rocket of Venus! A groovy little dive hippy-dippy diner place.

The highlight of which was their Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich, dipped in pancake batter and deep fried, served with vanilla icecream and caramel sauce. Literally, it disappeared in less than a minute. It was UNBELIEVABLY AMAZING.

Then we took a stroll down Christmas Street to check out the lights and the artists.

So in other news, we got the roof finished just in time for the winter and Bryan put this lovely stone-face on the chimney. We are addicted to making fires in the fireplace!

Here's our tree and the fireplace in action.

I put up my tiny silver tree along with just a few of my favorite Christmas decorations and doodads this year instead of everything. Just on this table, it's like my little shrine.
(Please note the Tiujana Christmas album on the left - ALL mariachi style Christmas music - AWESOME.)

My nephews came and spent the day last Saturday while Tito Robert helped Bryan put gutters up. We made a gingerbread village! ...sort of. Daniel REALLY enjoyed being the icing guy.

And Jaime was such a great help as always. He made the church, the hardest one to make, and kept his cool while the thing kept falling apart as they always do before the icing hardens.


More to come soon!

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