Sunday, November 8, 2009

Weddings, weddings and more weddings

Looks like the wedding calendar is dying down a little bit. I seem to have just gone through the whirlwind in my life where everyone and their mother is getting married! I just had my third wedding anniversary and over the past 3 years, I have been to or participated in at least 15 weddings! Amazing. The world is full of love. :)

Most recently, one of my closest friends from high school got married and asked me to make her wedding invitations. What an honor! Fortunately, she was probably the most laid back bride I have ever seen. We found a design online that she liked and I set out to create it on my own from base materials. She chose a variety of colors and pretty much gave me free reign. She said "Make it fall-y."

First I took a 12x12 square sheet of cardstock and cut two 5 inch strips and discarded the 2 inch strip remaining. Then I did some careful measure and scoring of the seams that would be folded and glued the two pieces together. Once I got a rhythm going, I was able to pump them out.

Then I got all the wording of the invitation and RSVP laid out and printed it on a variety of textured light colored cardstock.

This is my idea of a great craft day layout:

(Kindly note the horror film and kitty punishment spray bottle.)

I glued the colored center square in the middle and used a bone folder on all my pre-scored seams. Then I glued the invitation itself in the center and was ready for the whole thing to come together. So once I got ready to glue up the edges, I got a system going again with paperclips and things holding the seams as they dried.

As those dried, I got going on the RSVP cards. I found the cutest stamp and some small cards that met the mailing size requirements (VERY IMPORTANT). I could have sent her a bunch of RSVP cards that were too small to mail! That would have been bad. So I found the smallest I could that would be ok to mail and then cut just the cards down to fit the pocket in front and hit them all with the tree stamp. Inside we glued the RSVP replies and voila!

The final step was punching out the leaves that got glued randomly on the inside.

When she put them all together, she dripped sealing wax on the fold and stamped it with the wedding bells and we were all done!


I love it. So did she thank goodness. :)

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Angelle said...

Can I just come and learn how to make cool crafty seems so relaxing...btdubs I LOVE the layout you have...