Tuesday, November 3, 2009


The night Kara and Deanna visited, I took this picture above. It really kind of weirdly embodies fall. Note the gorgeous tulips Deanna brought, acorn squash Bryan was getting ready to cook with, and the small bottle of "Ass in Hell" our absolute favorite hot sauce. No, we do not mess around.

My mom left this gift here for Kara, with one of her signature homemade cards on top.

Inside was this gorgeous cottage silhouette that my mother cut by hand and framed in this super cute wooden frame that actually totally matches Kara and Dave's house.

Then it was my turn to give gifts. I made these for Kara because of how much she loves Halloween. The pattern is found in my current favorite amigurumi book Creepy Cute Crochet. These are the skeleton bride and groom and naturally, their names are Kara and Dave. haha!

She loved them. See doesn't the bride look just like her?! heehee

A couple weeks before their visit, I finished my new curtains for the living room. I found this fabric which completely matches my style, color scheme and new plan for the living room. Bryan is replacing the roof, and before that, he demolished the chimney and put in a real live woodburning fireplace! So my plan has been to meld both foyer and living room area into a great room of sorts. I have had issues with color in the past and now I'm trying to be a grown up and take it down a notch, so I painted everything a nice warm buttercream and left one of the orange walls orange. The couches are red and there are leaves and trees everywhere, so the color of this fabric was perfect. I ordered just enough to sew hems around the edges and used the previously hanging silk sheers for an underlay and just cut it to the same length. It now serves as a backing of sorts. I ordered the curtain rings that have clips so you don't have to slide the curtain on the rod or anything and I absolutely adore them.

I think Bryan likes them too. :)

And while I'm playing show and tell, check out this pillow my mother made from felted sweaters! It's Scout, my white kitty.

Mom goes to yardsales and tagsales and all kinds of places and keeps those eyes peeled for wool sweaters. Then she brings them home and washes them and they become felt! Then it's no holes barred. How cute is this thing? I love it and it matches the room and my style perfectly too.

And last but not least, my goofy Halloween craft was this pumpkin diorama. I took a craft pumpkin from Michael's and cut the front out with an exacto knife and then just went nuts with glitter and stuff. It really came out very girlie... not very scary... but I guess that's ok. It was just for fun. I used the little clothespin doll witch trick-or-treater my mother made for me a couple years ago and glued her in there and then went nuts with glitter and flowers. I guess she's trick-or-treating in the flowers.

And then I added a creepy cat head... it's kinda Cheshire Cattish.

I think it's cute! Sometimes a holiday craft is solely about the color and glitter. Ha! But now my little witch has a home and I have yet ANOTHER thing to take out this time of year.

So now it's November and autumn is full force! My roof is almost finished and I can almost smell the fire burning in the fireplace. Tonight, November 3rd, a commercial came on for a countdown to the Family Channels 25 Days of Christmas or something and I rolled my eyes and thought "it's so early why do they do this all the time?" and then I thought about Christmas, and then I started to get teared up. BECAUSE I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!! and I'm CRAZY!!!! hahahahha. Bryan laughed and I rolled my eyes at myself.

But the truth is.... the holiday season has only just begun. And I love it. Happy Fall Y'all!

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