Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Halloween Queen

I totally love it when my friends and family are inspired and make things and send me pictures. My BFF Kara just came for a visit and I told her about my pumpkin diorama that I was going to make at Mom's the next day and showed off some of my glitter. I have the mixed pack of Martha's super fine glitters that just makes everyone drooooool.
Kara is the Halloween QUEEN. She is all about it. Collects Spookytown, has a massive party, dresses up, the works! Here's when she was Carrie one year at her party.

So she just sent me an email and said she'd been highly inspired during our visit and went to Michael's to get the goods for a project. Glitter skulls! These will be a perfect addition to her Halloween spread.

I never get enough of glitter, but at Halloween, it seems to be everywhere. On my face, on my husband's face... on the dog. I love when there is glitter on the dog.

I wish I had the video of her Spookytown layout this year... I'll see if I can get a copy and post it. It's amazing! I'm jealous.

My next post will have more on Kara's visit including the amigurumis I made for her Halloween spread, the wedding gift my mother made for her, and Deanna's tulips.

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