Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Cake Topper

One of the crafting highlights of Tracy and Evan's wedding for me was being asked to make their cake topper with my mother. What an honor.

I made them with the clothespin doll kits that I have been working with this year. The body is a wooden clothespin, the head is a bead that sits on top, and there is a base to keep the doll upright. We divided the project according to our strengths. I handled the painting of the faces and Mom handled clothing them. We wanted to make them look as much like Evan and Tracy as possible. What do you think?

For the faces, I felt that the eyes were the most important part to try to recreate. I practiced a lot in drawings. I'm sure someone would have wondered what the heck was going on if they had walked in and seen their pictures blown up to 500% on my computer screen so I could see every detail and try to learn the lines of their eyes.

My mother made Tracy's dress as close to the design as she could, including pulling it to the side and putting a flower on her hip. The veil is made from antique lace. Evan is wearing a lovely grey suit with a purple tie. And although you can't see it, I put a little trinket, something special to both of them underneath the dress just for them to know about to personalize it.

Look how gorgeous it looked on the cake!


xoxo E&T. Thank you.

Polka-Dots and Chocolate and Tracy, Oh my!

My BFF Tracy got married this summer and the celebrations were numerous! She had no less than 3 showers. One in her hometown in New York, one with her new in laws and their friends, and one that another bridesmaid, Lauren and I threw for friends in the area. Needless to say, she was EXHAUSTED. But she got lots of cool presents, including the oh-so-necessary and coveted for it's turquoise-ness KitchenAid Mixer. I love this picture.

The following is a collection of pictures from the shower we threw at my house.

First the invitation of course. These were sort of created as I went, which I tend to do. I found some pre-sized and cut cards with envelopes and embellished with paper, flowers held on with brads and a punched out engagement ring.

Here's the spread! God I love party food. I'm Scandinavian you know. Smorgasbord is how I roll!

Too bad I didn't get a better picture of the super cute banners Lauren made, however if you click the photo below, you'll be able to see a large version and get more detail. Lauren is the sweetest girl and so thoughtful and went out and bought the fabric for these cuties and came over. I introduced her to the pinking shears and she sat at the dining room table with me while we listened to a Doris Day record and cut them up. She then attached them to a white ribbon designed to wrap around the top and hold each triangle uniformly. So cute! Already another friend has borrowed them for a chick party due to their super cute girlness. I hope they keep circling. Now that's crafting!

My mother made Tracy a bag and put inside a cookbook and an apron (I think). The gift was accompanied by this sweet card scrapbooked together.

Finally, the favors. I bought a kit of these little boxes and assembled them all, and then used my favorite end of a chopstick paint method to put polka dots all over them. Matt, the decorating genius, figured out how to tie the ribbons so perfectly so the boxes could be opened without having to undo them. Life sucks without him in my house every day. He's like Martha Stewart and MacGyver wrapped into one.

Inside of the boxes, I put a pink polka dotted cupcake holder and filled it with little mint pearl candies and nonpareils. On the top are some white and dark mint chocolate hearts that I molded myself, along with a chocolate mint engagement ring. I was really hard on myself because pouring those things into the mold and trying to keep the colors separate was so hard. Not to mention that when I popped them out of the mold, there were all these jagged edges that needed to be trimmed and the heat from my fingers was melting the chocolate. So I had to realize that no one would care, they were so cute anyway. And I dusted the white diamond part of the ring with silver candy opalescent glitter for sparkle!

I love Tracy. This was so fun and I'm so happy I had a chance to do it!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Back in Business

Good September!

After a summer-long hiatus from blogging, but not from crafting, I am back to a place where I can update on all the things that have happened during this time. I have to organize my next posts which will include Tracy's wedding and bridal shower, Andrea's wedding invitations, the improvements to the house, some garden things, the dweeb gathering and more!

Hopefully I got enough good pictures of stuff!

Stay tuned...