Thursday, October 15, 2009

Am I a Nerd yet? PLEASE????

This is me. I'm a shaman of the draenei race of peoples in the World of Warcraft. I think that qualifies as nerdy. My sister, on the other hand, dubs herself a nerd with some kind of bragging rights because she's nerdier than me. She too, plays World of Warcraft, but she also is totally into Japanese anime. According to her rules, in order to be a TRUE nerd, you have to be into not one, but TWO nerdy hobbies. Therefore she qualifies, and I do not. I argue that crafting is nerdy. She disagrees. How about the fact that I was promoted to General in our guild this summer? Does that make my ONE nerdy hobby even nerdier??? I am crossing my fingers and hoping to God that I really am a true nerd because of the general status, and because not only do I craft, but I blog about it.

This summer, we met up with some of our guild in person, so of course we had to craft something special for the occasion. We thought about the fact that we look like this in game, with our names over our heads in bright green (if you are a good guy that is... otherwise, it's red).

So we bought black construction paper, a handful of plastic hairbands, some pipe cleaners and some glow in the dark puffy paint and went to work on the way down to the shore for the bonfire with the dweebs. The hats were hilarious! Each painted with the person's character name. They thought they were great and we got some great blackmail pictures.

We also felt the need to provide familiar beverages to our comrades, and modeled them off the basic health and mana potions we consume in game:

So I found similar looking glass bottles and low and behold, Bacardi makes brightly colored alcoholic beverages teeming with sugar that were perfect!

We had a great time and our friends were just as amazing in person as they are in game. The bonfire was huge!

And clearly, as the morning came, a good time was had by all. Good thing we never ran out of health or mana.


Angelle said...

THAT is some abounding nerdness that even I would laugh at :)

cc said...

this post makes me smile

Matthew said...

W.O.W. means WOW and that's all I have to say! WOW. And that you're awesome. Ok so I'm not know for my brevity. But I love you LOL