Sunday, February 1, 2009

January is a good time for organizing...

Mom says that organizing your studio is really "in" right now. Some people say that about fashion, but my mother says it about crafters. HAHA!

I've been working pretty hard this past week on reorganizing my craft room and getting it in working order. My mother validated my own thoughts that I needed better storage space, so off we went to Ikea to get some more stuff to hold all my stuff. Then I finally figured out how to lay the room out to make it the most useful. This has been an ongoing challenge over the years and has consistently morphed and changed, but now I've really got it going on and can officially refer to it as "my studio". I can work at my craft table and turn to the window to use the sewing machine. I can reach my bulletin boards and everything I need. I don't have random crap all over the place, now it's all in a particular space. It's an ongoing project.
Behold, the new storage shelves complete with perfectly sized boxes and containers for the cubbies. This shelf is the "expedit" shelf from Ikea which comes in all sizes, and is my absolute favorite.
This is my desktop rotating caddy which is all macked out now with my pens, scissors and many other items.
And the other set of shelves on the wall which hold all kinds of projects, unfinished, partially finished, and anything in between. You can see on the left that I have several clear plastic containers which are nice because you can easily see what's inside of them.
A close up of my little wooden drawers on which I printed what is inside.
And a close up of the new storage drawers as well.
This thing is really cool, each one of the "drawers" actually has a snap lid so you can't just dump out the unit by accident. You remove the drawer and then open it up. I took a picture of one of the drawers open in front of it so you can see. I organized all of my paper and put it in this thing. I got it at Target.
Here you can see I organized all of my magazines, primarily Martha and Mary Englebreit, all by date order of course!
Here is my memo board that my dear sweet mother in law made for me a couple years ago. She covered it with a red fabric and then ran ribbon in alternating styles and I just love it! With this new set up I can actually reach it, and today I tacked some pages from a magazine that I had yanked with ideas I want to do someday. I think the colors look rad against my granny smith apple green walls.
This is my paint caddy and I thought it would be important to include in my blog post about organizing because... well just LOOK at it!
And finally, here's the new 3 drawer chest I got from Target that I keep yarn and material in!

It's really important to have a good working space, because if you don't, you won't feel as free to actually DO things. I had moved things around, attempting to make another room in my house a "sewing room" which was just a bad idea because I never go in there! So now my supplies were all split up and I didn't want to do anything. Now that room is undergoing it's own transformation and remaining the guest room as it was before and needs to stay. I got some new furniture for that room too to display some of the things I love so I can still love the room, but the fact that all my craft stuff needs to be in one room remains. So I'm very happy that all my hardwork led me to having this gorgeous studio! The cable guy comes tomorrow so I can also have cable in there too! I'm a TV queen, so this is going to be amazing!


cc said...

Um. Everything in its place, wowza. Can you come to Philadelphia and just do that organizing thing with my entire life?

Color me impressed. And then put me into a box...with my name on it!

Mrs. Fitch said...

wooooowwwwwwwwwww, it's like my dream room, although if i HAD a room like this, i would have NO idea what to do or where to start. holy cow! job well done my friend. i can't wait to sneak in at 3am during summer nights to make something hehehee.

Tracy said...

...wait, where's my bed? Where's MY bed?!?

Erin said...

Love all your organized stuff- your blog is great... are you a knitter? I just started and want to trade tricks with someone!