Wednesday, February 18, 2009

God I love a productive 3 day weekend

What I worked on:

Clothespin dolls! I've made these before and called them Springtime Fairies and made their little outfits out of fake flowers and stuff. This time I was inspired by another craft blog I follow to really focus on those little faces. How cute are they? I haven't named the one with black hair yet, but the redhead is definitely Jessica after an old friend of mine. How cute is she?

These dolls used to come in little bags containing the clothespin bodies, little stands and a larger bead head for you to glue together and do what you wish. My mother says she can't find the kits anymore in the stores and we'll have to look online. I made their little outfits out of fabric and felt, used acrylic paints for the head and feet and attempted pipe cleaners for arms. They seem to have hairy arms, so I'm going to try some different stuff with the others I'm working on.

Oh my gosh Jessica, look at those eyes! I could just pour my heart out to you! heehee.

Here's a cigar box I decoupaged with some of my new paper from my recent craft store shopping spree. I used Mod Podge to stick and seal it on there and will definitely be hitting it with some of Anita's, my favorite polyurethane. Gorgeous!

And this is a serving tray I wanted to make for myself because I just love to bring out a tray of snacks or drinks or whatever, so I decided I need an awesome homemade tray for that, especially since I can practically taste spring coming and sitting on the porch with friends. It's not done yet. I've only Mod Podged (yes I use it as a verb) this at this point and painted the sides, but once I'm satisfied with the design, I intend to give it a hefty coating of epoxy finish to give it that thick plastic indestructible surface I love so much.

Valentime's Day

Just had to post pics of what I like to call "My Love Table". My mother made me this little Valentime's tree, all covered with little dangly hearts and stars and I topped it with a miniature fairy she made for me out of pipe cleaners and a wooden bead head.

It sits next to our wedding photo, a vintage planter that looks like a couple in love and the wedding cake decoration my mother made for our wedding.

The doll shelf

In my previous post about organization I talked about the room that is going to be a guest room and how I need to decorate it with little things I love. This is my new doll shelf for my Madame Alexander dolls I collected when I was growing up. I have the shelves divided into three scenes which I KNOW will constantly be changing and having things added or moved. The top is Alice in Wonderland, the middle is Wizard of Oz and the bottom contains my nun collection.

On top of it sit two step stools my mother made. The one on the right she sewed when I was very little and it was always in my room. The one on the left is a hooked rug she made a couple years ago. They can't sit on the ground like they should or else my naughty kitty will claw out the stitches.

The Madame Alexander doll in my nun collection is Maria from the Sound of Music. She is flanked by a whole variety of other nuns including a praying nun planter, a squeaky toy nun, singing nuns and their little choir members, 2 penguins that are trying not to be spotted, a boxing nun puppet, a tiny singing nun and of course no nun collection would be complete without Nunzilla. My mother started this collection when I went to college at The Catholic University of America. We are not catholic and never have been, but there's just something about those nuns!

Look at this face! Normally, I am of the school of thought that dolls come alive at night and try to kill you as silently as possible. But for Madame Alexanders, I make an exception.

This is the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland.

And here's part of my Wizard of Oz scene. Look at the hat on that munchkin! And of course there's Dorothy and the Cowardly Lion. I also stuck some of my little scottie planters on this shelf because of Toto.

And I won't show you pictures of all of them (unless you want me to), so last but not least, here's the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland.

Clearly I was busy! That room is all nice and clean now and getting cuter and cuter. Good will is coming Friday to pick up the stack of stuff I put out on the porch. My craft room is crafty again and it won't be long before every man and beast in this house is covered with glitter, just the way I like them.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


This picture is not the best as it was taken with my cell phone, but look at this super cute valentime my mother made for me! It's a heart shaped box with a dome window and inside is a picture of a house with a pink roof, a little deer and all these little flowers. So cute!!

Here's a close-up... again not the best picture but you get the drift:

For the record, I actually got back to crafting this weekend for the first time since before Christmas as is my habit and I had a blast! I'll post pictures this week of the things I was working on.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

January is a good time for organizing...

Mom says that organizing your studio is really "in" right now. Some people say that about fashion, but my mother says it about crafters. HAHA!

I've been working pretty hard this past week on reorganizing my craft room and getting it in working order. My mother validated my own thoughts that I needed better storage space, so off we went to Ikea to get some more stuff to hold all my stuff. Then I finally figured out how to lay the room out to make it the most useful. This has been an ongoing challenge over the years and has consistently morphed and changed, but now I've really got it going on and can officially refer to it as "my studio". I can work at my craft table and turn to the window to use the sewing machine. I can reach my bulletin boards and everything I need. I don't have random crap all over the place, now it's all in a particular space. It's an ongoing project.
Behold, the new storage shelves complete with perfectly sized boxes and containers for the cubbies. This shelf is the "expedit" shelf from Ikea which comes in all sizes, and is my absolute favorite.
This is my desktop rotating caddy which is all macked out now with my pens, scissors and many other items.
And the other set of shelves on the wall which hold all kinds of projects, unfinished, partially finished, and anything in between. You can see on the left that I have several clear plastic containers which are nice because you can easily see what's inside of them.
A close up of my little wooden drawers on which I printed what is inside.
And a close up of the new storage drawers as well.
This thing is really cool, each one of the "drawers" actually has a snap lid so you can't just dump out the unit by accident. You remove the drawer and then open it up. I took a picture of one of the drawers open in front of it so you can see. I organized all of my paper and put it in this thing. I got it at Target.
Here you can see I organized all of my magazines, primarily Martha and Mary Englebreit, all by date order of course!
Here is my memo board that my dear sweet mother in law made for me a couple years ago. She covered it with a red fabric and then ran ribbon in alternating styles and I just love it! With this new set up I can actually reach it, and today I tacked some pages from a magazine that I had yanked with ideas I want to do someday. I think the colors look rad against my granny smith apple green walls.
This is my paint caddy and I thought it would be important to include in my blog post about organizing because... well just LOOK at it!
And finally, here's the new 3 drawer chest I got from Target that I keep yarn and material in!

It's really important to have a good working space, because if you don't, you won't feel as free to actually DO things. I had moved things around, attempting to make another room in my house a "sewing room" which was just a bad idea because I never go in there! So now my supplies were all split up and I didn't want to do anything. Now that room is undergoing it's own transformation and remaining the guest room as it was before and needs to stay. I got some new furniture for that room too to display some of the things I love so I can still love the room, but the fact that all my craft stuff needs to be in one room remains. So I'm very happy that all my hardwork led me to having this gorgeous studio! The cable guy comes tomorrow so I can also have cable in there too! I'm a TV queen, so this is going to be amazing!