Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas is my favorite.

Here are some pictures from this Christmas season at our house:

Scout helping wrap presents

The woodpecker outside the front window looking to see if we are moving around inside so he can hop onto the birdfeeder without fear.

Challah bread made by Bryan

A tiny Christmas tree from my collection made from pipecleaners

My dollop Santas on top of the TV

Part of my windowsill Christmas village

Cone Christmas trees I made years ago.

A treasured find entitled "The Lost Mitten"

A giant Christmas village house made by Mom

The Christmas train under the tree, note the Snowman and presents in the coal car!

The train running under the tree

Other side

Our beautiful tree!

Merry Christmas!


Mandy Stenger said...


Mrs. Fitch said...

i love everything, god your house is the most festive of them all!! lmfao@christmas is my favorite.