Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Bad Puppy

Ok so here's my latest amigurumi I made for my friend Lauren who moved recently. She bought the yarn and specifically requested a puppy. I used a baby style soft yarn with a glossy streak for the body and worsted weight regular purple for the accents. This pattern came from Ana Pauli's book highlighted in my earlier blogs.

His head is floppy and he's very soft and very bad!

He loves to drink from the cat bowl. Bad puppy!

She still loves him though!


Mrs. Fitch said...

oh i LOVE my lil man, he gets punched every night before bed and sometimes i bite on his ears when he doesn't listen to me. bad bad bad!!

P.S. I wanna see more soap!!

Mandy Stenger said...

OMG when I first saw the title for this blog I was like, "oh, no! Jack's been hanging out with Mona too much and started peeing in the dining room!" thank goodness its not true!