Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Kara's Photobook

My friend Kara is getting married and her bridal shower was a couple weekends ago in Los Angeles. I flew out to surprise her. But first I emailed all her friends and asked them to forward me photos for a photobook I wanted to put together for her. I have never done a scrapbook before, so I had to wing it. I found a plain white 3 ring binder book with blank white pages inside which I opted for over the premade scrapbooks with pages in plastic sheeting because I could be more spastic and creative with it.

I covered the front with paper flowers I found at AC Moore with glue at first and then a full coating of my favorite decopaging polyurethane, Anita's. The topped the centers of the flowers with buttons and ran ribbon down the side.

I found an awesome scrapbooking pad that had all kinds of matching goodies including double sided paper, tabs, stickers, etc. which made it easy for a first timer and began cutting and pasting all sort of pictures, attempting to keep each page themed. Each girl that contributed, I made a special page for and attached a letter tab to the side.

The main pages for each of the girls also had their initial and a few great pictures of them with Kara, or sometimes, just one was enough.

I also used plenty of little scrapbooking doodads, like a little statue of liberty and a bagel and a taxi and the letters NYC and stuff. Those make it really fun! I think Kara's favorite page was the last one. She and Dave got engaged in Paris, so I made a special page just for that. Here's a photo:

I had so much fun making it and was totally emotional putting all of the pages together. Especially the one dedicated to her cat that had passed away. I cried everytime I saw it. My feet are definitely wet to scrapbooking now! But most importantly, she loved it!

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Mrs. Fitch said...

WOW, that's really cool. i got a bunch of scrapbooking stuff for my wedding. you should come over and help me, i have no clue what i'm doing or if it even looks good.

what a great gift to give-- it's something she will look back on 40 years from now!!