Thursday, August 14, 2008

The House Paint Job

Ok, so we're almost done... I think one more day of work and the house painting gig will be complete. Here's a few pictures I can post now of all the hard work. I'll post a final picture tomorrow of the completed project!

Here's the house before:
Here's the house in mid green color change:

He used a paint gun which made the job go incredibly fast! He had the whole thing painted in like 4 hours! He's got that shield to keep from getting paint on the window.
Here's the paint gun apparatus:

So then the blue detail began and not a moment too soon. The light green on everything was causing me to stress out BIG time over the blandness... I felt like maybe we made a mistake. Until this blue showed up and both colors had some kind of reaction to one another and brought out all good things. Here's the blue being applied to the ceiling of the porch:And I'm working on the window trim.
Final pictures to be posted shortly!!


Matt said...

it's looking good! can't wait to see the final pics! BTW I love your blog it's great to see what projects you are up to since I can't be there in person. :-( It makes me want to do one too... except I finish a knitting project every Olympic year!

Lauren said...

super cool, i love the colors. when are you going to post the grande finale pic? i'm waiting!!!