Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Amigurumi Crochet at the Beach

Here's a collection of *some* of the things we created at the beach this year. I can't post the big cheese just yet, as is the case with gifts, but I will as soon as I am able!

First here's a nice photo of "Cuppy", the cupcake I made for my coworker.

My sister made her first crocheted animal on the trip as a baby shower gift. I was totally impressed by how easily she picked this up. This photo was taken just before it was finished when pins were still holding on the mouth and cheeks. Behold.... Octee the Octopus! (or so I was calling him)

And I spent a little time doting on my froggie, Lego. Now you can see he has a mouth and I made him a little green vest with a teensy pocket. heehee. Isn't he dashing? This photo really emphasizes that infamous leg, for which he was named. I swear it doesn't look that much bigger than the other one in person.... it's ... the angle of the photo... *sigh*. Whatever, I love him anyway.

More to come!


Mandy Stenger said...

LOVE THE CROCHET AMINALS! (Can I put in a request for one?) And I'm digging the new layout... :)

Lauren said...

I agree with mama bear-- the layout is sweet. Can I put in a request for one too? I want a puppy :)