Thursday, August 28, 2008

Finally, the Muntee!

Ok so at the beach, I slaved and slaved over this little guy for my friends Mandy and Scott's baby shower gift. She's got a weird thing for monkeys (pronounced "mun-tees"), so I decided to make one of these for her. This guy took a while because of those long limbs and the tail. But I think he turned out ok and they loved him!

And here's a group photo of all the amigurumi made by Mom, my sister and myself just in a week at the beach! (Lego was made already, but his outfit wasn't!)

As a sidenote... my mother feels that the pig turned out to be "Satan Pig" and refused to give it as a gift or alter it because apparently, it is just evil. I disagree, but it's ok I understand. The other day I was making a photo album and saw a picture of myself in which one of my pupils was HUGE and black (clearly an issue with the print) and I threw it away because it freaked me out so badly! It too, was evil. So I know how it feels to come to that decision.

Friday, August 15, 2008

The House Paint Job Finished!

It's done!! The lighting isn't the best, should have gotten out there a bit earlier, but here it is!!

Mona likes it too.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

The House Paint Job

Ok, so we're almost done... I think one more day of work and the house painting gig will be complete. Here's a few pictures I can post now of all the hard work. I'll post a final picture tomorrow of the completed project!

Here's the house before:
Here's the house in mid green color change:

He used a paint gun which made the job go incredibly fast! He had the whole thing painted in like 4 hours! He's got that shield to keep from getting paint on the window.
Here's the paint gun apparatus:

So then the blue detail began and not a moment too soon. The light green on everything was causing me to stress out BIG time over the blandness... I felt like maybe we made a mistake. Until this blue showed up and both colors had some kind of reaction to one another and brought out all good things. Here's the blue being applied to the ceiling of the porch:And I'm working on the window trim.
Final pictures to be posted shortly!!

For all you Leos out there...

My husband, sister, dog, sister's dog, friends Kara and Maurice and many other friends are all Leos. I have to admit, I LOVE leos! But I'm a taurus so of course I do. We both love "stuff" and love to have a good time. We're a good match. So of course I couldn't help but celebrate with my newest creation:


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The house is being painted!

For as long as I can remember, my house has been an unnaturally bright green with white trim. When my family moved in, it was a bright minty green, so we really took a step up painting it more of a deep green, albeit bright. Then in the past decade, after I purchased the house, we had it painted again and there weren't too many options offered to me by the corrupt painter. The one I chose wound up being quite bright. I call it "Flock of Seagulls/Duran Duran/80's green" and my mother calls it "Cartoon House". And of course Dad says "... I like it!"


So we are painting it! I have before pics all ready to go and will post once we have completed it.

For those who know me, you can bet we won't be painting it something normal or drab, it will be exciting and for the record, I too am nervous about how it will come out. But I have faith!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Amigurumi Crochet at the Beach

Here's a collection of *some* of the things we created at the beach this year. I can't post the big cheese just yet, as is the case with gifts, but I will as soon as I am able!

First here's a nice photo of "Cuppy", the cupcake I made for my coworker.

My sister made her first crocheted animal on the trip as a baby shower gift. I was totally impressed by how easily she picked this up. This photo was taken just before it was finished when pins were still holding on the mouth and cheeks. Behold.... Octee the Octopus! (or so I was calling him)

And I spent a little time doting on my froggie, Lego. Now you can see he has a mouth and I made him a little green vest with a teensy pocket. heehee. Isn't he dashing? This photo really emphasizes that infamous leg, for which he was named. I swear it doesn't look that much bigger than the other one in person.... it's ... the angle of the photo... *sigh*. Whatever, I love him anyway.

More to come!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Yarn Cupcake YUM!

Just got back from the beach with Mom and family, where we have our annual craft/suntan fest. Usually we totally overdo with the crafts, but this year we took it easy and did mostly crochet and needlework. I made this cupcake for my coworker who appreciated it just as aggressively as I hoped she would, despite it's small noggin. Mom (of course) made one after I did which looked a bit more even, with a small body and large icing topped head. But I love this little guy and so did my coworker. She named him "Cuppy", placed him on her desk and has been making his voice sound like a teensy tiny trumpet. Hilarious.