Monday, July 7, 2008


I'm into the seasonal crafting from time to time. Mom and I were making cardboard vintage houses for Christmas villages, when she discovered from some of our favorite blogs that you can make the same houses with a springtime feel! Here's a picture of 3 of them I made that are on a shelf in my living room. I need to get some closeups of these, they are so cute. The two on the ends are mounted on light wooden boxes and the one in the middle in on a small wooden candlestick with a round wooden base on top. The houses are made of cardboard that I draw a pattern on, and then glittered like crazy with super fine glitter. The trees are pompoms and pipe cleaners.

I am pretty sure we found these Springtime Fairies on the same blog page as the houses to make in the springtime. We used dollpin clothespin kits that come with the wooden clothespin, a round bead for a head and a base to let the pin stand on end. Then I disassembled fake flowers and turned them into the clothes, painted the heads and embellished with ribbon, tiny pearls and wings.

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Lauren said...

just darling! i love those lil houses and the more glitter, the better!