Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Plants and Flowers

I look forward to spring and summer so much because of the amazing foliage in the yard. The woman who lived in our house before my family bought it was an unbelievable gardener. I often wish I could have seen her in action and picked her brain, but I was only 8 when we moved here and had no idea I would care so much for her work. A lot of her landscaping handiwork still exists and one of my personal goals in life is to restore some of it someday. But I'm also realistic. I don't have the time and a lot of the plants that made it what it was are now overgrown or gone and so we are doing our best to make it our own while preserving anything that makes sense to preserve. Here are a couple treats I took pictures of with the new camera that I just had to share.

First, the random fern patch that sprouts in the middle of the backyard, flourishes in gorgeous green and then scorches in the July sun and dies, forcing us to mow it and send it back to hiding until next summer.
We have some gorgeous creamy colored lilies that have been in the backyard ever since the beginning of time as far as I'm concerned. Last year the deer ate the flowers before I could appreciate them and made me really mad, but this year they had no problems showing off as long as possible.

My vegetable patch didn't quite work out this year. The spot we chose was too humid and allowed to many wet pests like slugs, but also I got overzealous and planted too much and got too busy to harvest. It was a mess and wound up rotting (stinky!). But interestingly enough, this morning glory showed up out of nowhere and Bryan took a nice picture of it before I had to murder the whole patch.
This is a photo of the flowers that bloom on these goofy weeds that sprout everywhere in ground cover areas like ivy, vinca and some flower patches. I got a load of these blooms and said "uh oh... I've been pulling these like crazy..." So if anyone knows what they are called, and if I'm evil for pulling them, let me know! But come on people, everyone knows I would never pull them if they were sporting these cute little flowees!
And finally, this is a picture of the day lilies that are all over my property. They line the yard by the road, swinging wildly as cars pass, and sprout in various areas of the backyard too. This too is a treasure left behind by the previous owner that I look forward to all winter. This patch is along the wall around the back garden.
As much as I love the foliage, once we get into July, the growth can go so quickly that it overwhelms everything, especially Bryan and I. We spent the past week transforming the yard from a jungle into something with a bit more control. I am forcing myself to ignore the tiny spot of poison ivy on my arm as I type and my forearms are sore and limp from pruning, but it was worth it! I have some before and after pictures I'll post of the transformation soon.

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