Monday, July 7, 2008

Birds and Porch

From my front porch I have a nice view of my little bird sanctuary, which incidentally needs new birdhouses as has been pointed out to me lately. Here's a nice view of the massive honeysuckle bush that provides the branches and shelter for my bird village.

One of my favorite hand painted creations here is this bird feeder I so lovely named "Scout's Birdie Bar and Grill". My cat Scout loves this tree, so I play on the idea that she's like the mayor of Birdie Village or something, making sure they have plenty of housing and establishments, but really just intends to eat them. That sounds even more sinister written out.... but anyway. Check out the menu on the side of the Birdie Bar and Grill which was clearly concocted by the evil mayor herself:

Here's a Bird Gazebo that I did following Mary Englebreit's instructions. It's blatantly Mary with the color and pattern schemes. I found the gazebo birdfeeder and attached wooden finials to the bottom per her instructions. It's protected on the porch from the weather thank goodness.

Bryan and I came up with the idea of making this tree to use as our guest book at our wedding. He welded it and attached clips to the ends of the branches. We put it on a table and had many multicolored leaves on the table for people to write on. They put their names and a message and then clipped them to the tree so by the end of the wedding, the tree was all full of leaves! Now it lives on the front porch and we hung leftover wedding favors (small birdhouse chimes) all over it. At different holiday seasons sometimes I'll decorate it with seasonal decorations (snowflakes, cauldrons, eggs, etc.)

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