Monday, July 7, 2008

The Birdbath

My newest "creme de la creme" if you will. One of the biggest projects I've done in years. My dear friends Matt and Bill got married last month and I had to do something spectacular for their wedding present. Bryan and I wanted to do something that was a compilation of both of our talents, so we decided on a birdbath. We found the basic concrete basin at Home Depot and started from there.

I laid out a basic idea for the pattern on the coffee table before doing anything (and braced myself for the reality that I knew was ahead of me!). Then I got all my tiles in coordinating colors from Michael's Craft Store (hotspot of course) and began hand snipping. It took weeks (working mostly weekends) just to snip all the tiles because once you get going on the mosaic itself, you have to keep going before the adhesive dries. We used a basic Thin Set to adhere the tile pieces in the mosaic pattern and I wound up freehanding most of the design. I also found initial tiles so I could add their initials to the design:

Bryan worked on the bottom of the bath. He created a mold out of wood pieces and poured a concrete base for the stand after I expressed concern about the bath falling and breaking or something terrible like that. I caught him just as he finished making the date out of piece of chain link which I thought was really cute.

He took a steel pipe and drew some patterns on it, and then cut the steel to create this vine-like structure. He made the metal sort of melty to look more natural. The leaves were welded on to reinforce the frame and the whole thing was painted black.

Here's a full photo of the completed bath:

Needless to say, the reaction we got from the guys was well worth all of the work. It was an amazing feeling to create something so totally from us both for 2 people whom we adore so much.


Scooter said...


Lauren said...

i cry everytime i see it. you guys did an amazing job on it and i told you to take a picture of their reactions when they saw it. Where my pic be?

Mandy Stenger said...

you did such a kick ass job on that.... what do i have to do to get one?

Matt said...

We love it so much and I love filling it for the birdies! It is currently on the patio but the plan is to rework some of the landscaping in the corner of the yard so it has more of a prominent place. Thanks guys!!!