Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Ok here's the new obsession I'm on board with Mom for. Amigurumi.
Mom is totally out of control, I'll be sure to get lots of photos of her work. She's insane and pumps these cuties out like crazy, especially since she broke her toe and can't walk. She just whips out all kinds of cute little crocheted creatures. I'm planning on doing some smaller ones so I too can have that level of production. The photo above is of Ana Paula Rimoli's book Seriously Cute Crochet.

So..... drumroll please!
Here is my first amigurumi:


He still needs a mouth as you can see which I will make with felt and sew on once I decide what color will make him look snazzy. Bryan named him "Lego" because um... well..... he was my first one and it appears that I had a couple extra rows on his right leg, so it's longer. You can tell by looking at him, but it's ok, I don't mind. He's my first one and as I always say, imperfections make it more personal!

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