Saturday, June 21, 2008

TV Tables

A couple Christmases ago I had the idea to decoupage TV tables for my family members, but there's always a problem when you decoupage with lumps, tackiness of the sealer, and durability especially under wet conditions, like a perspiring water glass for example. So after planning the style of table I would make for each person (five in all) to accentuate their personality, I talked to the husband about epoxy. The epoxy we agreed upon is what they use to make lakes in model train sets. OH MY GOD. Epoxy is amazing. After the tables were designed and decoupaged, we took them to the garage and put them on newspaper. Then I mixed the two parts together to create the epoxy and poured it over top of the tables being careful to wipe the edges and attempt to make it even and smooth all the way over the surface. The epoxy dried to a plastic-like finish and the tables are totally durable in every way.

This one was for Bob, my stepdad and has cowboys and maps all over it:

This one was for Mom and was covered in flowers and garden things:

And this one was for my sister and has an Asian flair:

There were two more, but alas, I don't seem to have pictures of them. One for Dad with pinup girls and retro pink cars and another for my stepmom with fancy vintage ladies on it. This was a great idea and really made an impression if I do say so myself.


Kara said...

I love these tables!!!!! They are so unique and beautiful.

Hilary said...

Wow, Robyn, these are awesome! You know I especially like the one you made for Brooke - the colors are so beautiful!!