Monday, June 23, 2008

Initial Pins

I threw a garden party shower for my friend who was getting married last year and pulled furniture out into the yard, set up badminton, made a champagne punch complete with a floating star shaped red ice block served on a tea cart and asked all the ladies to wear dresses and possibly hats! It was loads of fun to plan a fancy garden party like that. I decided I wanted little favors, so I cut every girl's initial out of Shrinky Dink paper and baked them all into these hardened letters and made them into pins for them to wear.

Each initial was glittered in varying colors with fine glitter that comes in the tube at the craft store. The lady of honor's initial was detailed a bit more with a pink outline on her "E".

I glued flower gems on them for flair of course.

Here's one of the finished pins:

One lesson I learned while doing this project is to be really considerate of surface textures and adhesives. I was kicking myself after gluing the pin attachment onto the very smooth plastic back of the Shrinky Dinks with a glue gun. In retrospect, I should have sanded the spot first, or used another adhesive like Gorilla Glue because the glue gun glue tends to become very hard, very quickly and has a smooth finish to it, even on the contact point. It is very effective on a more porous or abrasive surface than something so smooth. I could have avoided the frustration of reattaching the pin backingss to the ones that came unattached during the day, or finding lost initials in the grass after the party was over. But the idea was great and the project was fun and the girls just loved them!


briana_z said...

That was a great gathering and I *still* have my pin! Such fun!

Lauren said...

omg, i want to find my pin and wear it!

Elizabeth said...

I still have my pin on my dresser and I have to say mine - the "E" was my favorite! :)