Friday, June 27, 2008

The Husband's Style

My husband is totally a crafter too, but of course, he does much more "manly" things. Like welding. And carpentry. And masonry. You know, stuff like that.

He's got a bit of a medieval streak in him which is reflected in his work. He designed and welded this queen sized bed frame out of steel several years ago. It's incredibly strong and very sturdy as it's connected along the base with thick beams of steel.

(It is for sale, so if you or anyone you know might be interested, please don't hesitate to contact me.)

He's also been looking at these steel drums he's had for years, fantasizing about what to do with them. We have plans to make rain barrels with them that will collect the rain off the gutter that always overflows and have an exit valve at the bottoms so I can water the gardens by gravity based water flow. But he did have a few of them... so one day on his day off he got a brilliant idea to make a grill that's more his size and style. So he cut the drum into a base and a lid and added the base, chimney, fancy handle, grates inside and even took the thermometer off an old gas grill that was going to the dump and put it over the handle.

One grate is larger than the other, so we can remove the smaller one, put the big one in the center and put charcoal on the sides to avoid direct heat. It's much more versatile and can really heat up! He said the first test run he thought the thermometer wasn't working, but it was just so hot inside that the needle had gone all the way around back to zero!

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Lauren said...

i love bryan, and i love you, and why are you guys selling the frame? it's just so amazing i can't believe you would ever want to get rid of it. i want to cook saaaaacige on your grill. the creativity that comes out of you 2 just amazes me. i need to send your blog to rita.