Thursday, June 19, 2008

Awaaaaaayyyy we go!

Well, my mother and I are big time crafters and after years of creation, I think it's about time to catalogue what I can and keep track of things I'm working on and things my mother is pumping out at a rate of 10 to 1 comparable to me. *sigh* That's ok, she's got 22 years on me and less interest in making time to devote to technological hobbies as well.

I do all kinds of needlework, painting, sculpting, crafting, folk art crafts, knitting and crochet, mosaics, and plenty more while also maintaining my interests in homemaking, gardening and playing video games and carrying a full time job.

This site will be dedicated to the creative projects I take on.

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Lauren said...

I love this and I can't believe the stuff that you have made. I guess I didn't realize that you do/craft/make as much as you do, omg i love it! Reading about your work makes my fantasize about having a craft room one day.